we are supermodern we are retroactive we are automatons
we are individuals we are whispers we are all you hear.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Snips [2]

I've upgraded 'Snips' to all-out writing orgasmorgasbord. They will now include things like haikus or prose or other weird little things I have around. Perhaps photos if I take some of those.

Here is today:

all the keys he holds
unlock misery and friends;
suborned, he clicks still.

. . .

They do the big city zombie street shuffle. A little to the left, a little to the right, bobbing side to side, inch and then another. A sigh, a frustrated breath, a baby's carriage takes up space. Increased steps, passing on the shoulder and the curb. Dodge the trees, absurd.

. . .

the notebook's pages have all disappeared
he opened the cover, it was as he had thought
they took their leave, did not give notice
now he's a pen and a tongue and no place
to speak his mind.

the boat has dropped its oars to the lake
he had somewhere to row, no way to go
get out and swim? with the fish and the frogs
backstroke to the home of the beavers
they don't give dams.

a pair of broken lungs can't breathe
and a knife without a handle cuts on both ends.

1 comment:

  1. Ahh the zombie street shuffle, i get it now. great rhythm!